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WOOD SLABS Everything You Need To Know

Wooden slabs furniture will never go out of style because there are newer areas of house where wood has found a place. Regardless of whether it is the chic and rich look of a wooden flooring or wall art where wood slab is pasted to enhance the decor, nothing provides a more royal look than wood.

Wood is also used in little souvenirs and wooden carved wall hangings. However, the latest and popular trending product is wooden slab furniture.

The natural and classical features of wooden slab furniture add a cozy and beautiful appearance to your home. The wood slabs are quite fashionable and of various sizes thereby making each piece unique from the other. The combination of strong base as well as smooth surface makes wood slab suitable for seating and for other uses. The strength of wood slabs likewise shows that the material is of high quality and would last for a long period of time.

Each of the slabs has unique attributes as well as characters. Slabs mostly contain wood defects such as knots, checks as well as holes which contribute to the unique appearance in each slab. When the slabs are treated appropriately, these flaws do not pose a problem but add to the entire beauty of the slabs thereby making it suitable for various purpose.

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Trending application of wood slabs.

The Growing Trend

One of the most popular kind of furnishing as well as design today is the use of pieces which are eco-friendly. A good example is found in slab furniture which is made from large, solid pieces of wood gotten from timber. This helps in using high quality wood for making furniture but the shape of the furniture is slightly irregular, not a regular rectangle or circle thereby adding to the aesthetic appeal.


The most common example of wood slab furniture are tables. Kitchen or dining tables are often topped with a large, often irregular shaped piece of wood and paired with legs which are either complement with the rustic aesthetic, such as wood, or contrast with it, such as steel or metal. Other pieces which are made with wood slabs include cupboards, dresses, headboards etc.

Complementary Decor

The wood slabs can also be used for various kinds of decors, it works well with rustic cabin-like settings because of its natural-looking and woodsy. In most cases, traditional rustic beds which are made from rough-hewn logs are given a wooden slab headboard. Yet, wood slabs likewise suit a more contemporary design especially when paired with an industrial or metal finishing. A table with sleek metal legs and a natural, organic looking wooden-slab top is a good example a contemporary rustic design. Normally our live edge wood slabs are are used to make furniture that includes live edge tables mostly in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Long Island NYC and Brooklyn NY

Organic Appeal

Just the way people are seeking for organic foods, so are they seeking for ways through which organic designs can be incorporated into their homes. A wood slab chair, table or headboards works well with this decoration idea. Many retailers offer pillows as well as bedding which are made from organic cotton, which look beautiful and natural paired with a wooden-slab headboard. Another way through which you can add organic looking accessories is to use natural materials such as dried flowers, reeds as well as other plants in decorating and filling vases rather than plastic or fake flowers. These kinds of organic arrangements would look perfect of tables tops with wooden slabs.


In addition to the unique visual appeal of wooden slabs furniture, the furniture usually has a high quality and land for several years. The size as well as durability makes the furniture a good long-term investment. Pieces which are crafted appropriately can be passed down to future generations.

Going green has never been stylish, contemporary and beautiful as it has with this trend. The ability to express your design in an eco-friendly as well as aesthetic manner is an amazing feature of wood slabs

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